List of available interviews

audio recordings and transcripts

By Pam Schweitzer

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On The River: Memories of a working river

25 interviews (group and individual) and accompanying transcripts 1988

T1a: Bill Backhouse, interview, two copies 16 pages

T2b: Bill Backhouse, interview, one copy 9 pages

T3: Benjamin Thomas, interviewed by Charlie Wegner, one copy, 5 pages

T4: Lil Murrell, interviewed by Charlie Wegner, one copy 8 pages

T5: Mrs Ardejelan, interviewed by Mr Miles, one copy 9 pages

T6: Alf (Edward) Williams, interviewed by Charlie, one copy 12 pages, one copy 2 pages

T7: Cecil Devereux, one copy 14 pages

T8: Morry Foley, interviewed by Charles Wegner, 21.10.1988, one copy 25 pages

T9: Bill and Flo Lindley, one copy 36 pages, one copy handwritten 8 pages (5.1.1989)

T10: Sidney Smith and Bill , one copy 11 pages, one copy 7 pages

T11: John Penn, one copy 7 pages

T12: Mabel Fletcher (Poplar), one copy 3 pages

T13: Bill Green, one copy 7 pages

T14: Wally and Ivy Shreeve; Bill Wardell and Mary Price, interviewed by Charles Wegner, one copy 5 pages

T15: Morry Harry, one copy 14 pages

T16: George Pittman, one copy 14 pages

T17: William and Mabel Fletcher, (Poplar), one copy 21 pages

T18: Bill Dyer, 8 pages handwritten

T19: Annie Foley, 14 pages handwritten

T20: Victor Pierpoint, one copy 14 pages

T21: Jean and Peter McCarthy, interview, one copy, 9 pages

T22: Sam Manners House, group interview partly handwritten 13 pages

T23: Ben Thomas, Dame Colet House, interviewed by Charlie, one copy 3 pages

T24: Joe Lowe, interviewed by Charles, Feb. 1988 one copy 6 pages

T25: Joan Pye, Mrs King, Flo Tressell, (Isle of Dogs) one copy 3 pages



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