List of available interviews

What Did You Do In The War, Mum?

By Pam Schweitzer

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T1:  Discussion Garnett Close – Jean, Mrs Chaplain, Mr Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Stanley, Ruth Granville (27.09.1984), 12 pages typed, 4 copies

T2: Discussion Garnett Close - Mr and Mrs Johnes, Ruth Granville, Bridget, (4.10.1984), 12 pages typed, 2 copies

T 3: Tegal House – Lee Green - Helen, Paula, Lucy Apton (10.10.84), 18 pages, two copies

T 4: Tegal House - Lee Green - Day Center Group Interviews – Mabel Kibble, Helen, Victoria Hill, Mrs Chuter, (10.10.84), 6 copies, typed not transcripted

T5: John Roan Reminiscence Group – Margaret Kippin, Jane Moss, Lorraine Hilton, Joan Welsh, Bill Welsh, Rose Mullett, Vivian Prince, Joy Drewett-Brown, Arthur Willard (11.10.1984), two copies, 12 pages, typed on both sides
Margret Kippin p. 4-12

T6: Tegal House – Alice Stewart, Mrs Wright (17.10.84), 6 pages, 2 copies

T7: Mead Harlow – Sylvia Jacobs (17.10.84), 13 pages, one copy

T8: Thorndike OPH – Nora Carton – (18.10.84), 4 pages, one copy

T9: Little Heath – Helen (not the same Helen as above), (18.10.84),6 pages, 4 copies

T10: Stockwell Day Centre – Sam Aldous (19.10.84), 3 pages, 5 copies

T11: Rose Martin, Titmuss Ave (23.10.84), 8 pages, 4 copies

T12: Pakeman Day Centre – Emmy Hewlette, (26.10.84), 9 pages, 4 copies

T13: Valerie Moss (28.10.84), 12 pages, 4 copies

T14: Mrs Irene Nash Colchester _Postwoman(3.11.84), 21 pages, 4 copies 

T15: Mrs Patricia Thom on evacuation from Woolwich, joins WAAF training and clerical work, (3.11.84), 8 pages, 6 copies

T16: John Roan, Mr and Mrs Welch, Mr and Mrs Bennett, Vivian Prince, Rose Mullett (27.09.84), 6 pages, 5 copies

T17: Thorndike OPH, Florrie Clayton (18.10.84), one side, 2 copies

T18: Thorndike OPH, Eliya Eldridge, (18.10.84), 2 pages, 2 copies

T19: Thorndike OPH, Lilly Jane Short (18.10.84), 5 pages, 2 copies

T20: Eileen Smith. 306 Simon Court Thamesmead (23.10.84), 15 pages, 2 copies

T21: Clapham Community Project – Mrs Burtenshaw on being a machinist and making sacks – (25.10.84), 3 pages, 2 copies

T22: Clapham Community Project –Ivy Smith on firewatching, (25.10.84), 4 pages, 2 copies

T23: Clapham Community Project – Mrs. Dubus on working in a bottle factory (25.10.84), 3 pages, 2 copies

T24: Clapham Community Project – Mrs Grossman on mending aircaft(25.10.84), 5 pages, 2 copies

T25: Pakeman Day Centre – Mrs Lisa Haddon on making wheels (29.10.84), 5 pages, 2 copies

T26: Pakeman Day Centre – Mrs Ritchie on painting bombs, (29.10.84), 6 pages, 2 copies

T27: Minnie Bennett (sheltered housing) – Mrs Bessie Miller on working in a factory (1.11.84), 5 pages, 2 copies

T28: Minnie Bennett (sheltered housing) – Mrs Beverley Langford on working in the gunpowder shed in World War I (1.11.84), 6 pages, 2 copies

T29: Stockwell Day Centre discussion group: Mrs. Hillbeam, Ernie, Mrs. Pitt, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Dudley, Mrs Eaton, Mrs. Hill (2.11.84), 7 pages, 2 copies

T30: Mary Ward Centre, Queen’s Square Bloomsbury, Mrs. X (8.11.84), 4 pages, 2 copies

T31: Mary Ward Centre, Mrs Jones (8.11.84), 10 pages, 2 copies

T32: Mary Ward Centre, Mrs Rees (8.11.84), 8 pages, 2 copies

T33: Tess Gorringe 120 Clapham Road, S.W.9 – Tess Gorringe (12.11.84), 22 pages, 4 copies (one incomplete, one from page 17 onwards)

T34: Marie Maberley, 82 Glastonbury Road, Marie Maberley (13.11.84)

T35: John Roan Thamesided Institute – Mr. and Mrs Welch, Hilda and Ben Bennett, Margaret Kippin, Rose Mullett, Vivian Prince, Lorraine Hilton, Jane Moss (15.11.84), 17 pages, 2 copies

T36: St. Lawrence Day Centre Catford – Mrs D. Duncan (?), 8 pages, 2 copies

T37: Minnie Bennett – Mrs Ellen Harbard (1.11.84), 6 pages, 2 copies

T38: Lewisham - Mrs Nightingale  on working in the arsenal (20.11.84), 7 pages, 2 copies

T39: John Roan Thameside – Lorraine Hilton, Vivian Prince, Bill and Joan Welsh, Hilda Lennett, Mr Bennett, Rose Hullett, Arthur Willard, Joy Brewett-Brown, Maria Berry (4.10.84), 18 pages, 4 copies

T40: Catford - Mrs Dorothy Barton (28.11.84), 20 pages, one copy

T41: Daisy Prim Hawkes (30.11.84), 13 pages, 2 copies

T42: Mrs Crane_Greenwich on Land Army (3.12.84), 22 pages, one copy

T43: Mrs Bancroft  (1.12.84), 15 pages, 2 copies

T44: Dolores Reyes, 3 pages

T45: Bridget Land Army, page one, 2 copies

T46: Mrs Dorothy Barton, Land Army, 4 pages, 2 copies

T47: Mrs Jones, Engineering Aeroplanes, 2 pages

T48: Mrs Jones, Munitions, one page

T49: Cypriot Woman, one page

T50: Hilda Bennett, Services Industries, 3 pages

T51: Sam Forces, one page

T52: Patricia Graves, actress, one copy 3 pages, one copy 6 pages

T53: Mrs Crane, Land Army, 4 pages

T54a: Mrs Gange, WAAF, 4 pages
T54b: Mrs Gange, 6 pages (different text), 2 copies

T55: Women and War Work, 3 pages

T56: Mrs Joan Welch, 4 pages

T57: Tess Gorringe, 5 pages

T58: Valerie Moss, Land Army, 4 pages

T59: Prim Hawkes, Land Army, Timber Corps, 5 pages

Mixed interviews about caring, ambulance driving, fire watching.


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