Carol Jackson

Memories of evacuation

By Pam Schweitzer

Carol Jackson: my name is Carol Jackson and I would like to reminisce about when I was evacuated. The circumstances that led to being away from my mother at such an early age, my father had been killed at the docks in 1938. I was born in the east end of London in Canning Town which is right near the docks, and my mother used to work of a night at the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery and my sister was 10 years older than me so it was her job to look after me and I’ve been told I was quite a naughty child so when the time came in 1943 for me to be evacuated I thought the reason was because I had been naughty and I remember begging my mummy don’t send me away mummy I'll be a really good girl. After arriving at the station and being put on trains, none of us really knew where we were going, we were there with out little Mickey Mouse gas masks with the labels round our necks with our names and address and how old we were on it and there we were loads and loads of us. Finally arrived at a large school with a very large room where the boys were put on one side of the room and the girls were sent to the other side of the room, we were taken in ambulances to people’s homes that had said that they would take in London evacuees. I got quite attached to the young lady whose name was Irene who drove the ambulance and as she was taking the other children around each time she tried to place me with somebody I would grab hold of her and say I don’t want to go I want to stay with you, so at the end of the evening I was the only one that was still left and Irene said to who was in change that ‘I will take her home with me tonight and I'll bring her back in the morning’. So she took me home and as we walked into the house it was a very old house, not very big, her mother who I got to know very well as aunt Marion was knelling down polishing her black stove and she turned around looked at me and said ‘ oh my good god what have we got here’. I stayed the night and the next morning I still didn’t wanna go away from Irene and I ended up staying there until march 1947.  

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