Can we Afford the Doctor?

By Heather Lilley

First written and performed in 1985, Can We Afford the Doctor is a look back at healthcare in the UK before the NHS's creation in 1948. Made up from the memories of residents in South East London the play is an informative reflection on the financial struggles of people in need of healthcare and a humorous look back at the alternative treatments championed by many.

Today’s ongoing reform and privatisation of the NHS are a worry for many and the plays 2014 incarnation is a topical reflection reminding us how much worse off we were before the NHS came to exist and how important it is to protect the service for the present and the future. The company, formed of third year students from the University of Greenwich undertook a four week devising period in which they explored the issues raised in the play, as well as an exploration of their own feelings and experiences around healthcare before working on a new interpretation of the piece.

Tom Barker
Maria Everett
Charlotte Chuck
Maria Everett
Lilly Gillan
Terry Harvey
Laura Kirkup
Ross Williams

Directed by Ross Crosby, with creative input and guidance from Pam Schweitzer and Heather Lilley

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