List of available interviews

Winter Warmers

By Pam Schweitzer

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Winter Warmers

16 Transcripts of interviews with individuals and groups.  

These interviews are stored in the Reminiscence Theatre archive.  Contact us if you wish to access them.

T01 - Bill Belsham and Gwendonine Horn

T02 - Raj Nischal and Rakha Ram

T03 - Bill Winter

T04 - Sushita Patel

T05 - Lil Burnett, Lillian Murell, Margaret Kippin, Barbara Rowland

T06 - Daisy Cook

T07 - Hilary Heffernan

T08 - James Alexander Becket

T09 - Unknown

T10 - Pat Hanmore

T11 - AE Group - Olive, Penny, Hilda, Elsie

T12 - Lil Patrick, Bill and Mary Gibson

T13 - John Butler

T14 - Doris Stevenson and Doreen Davis

T15 - Patrick Gibson Sawyer

T16 - Joyce Milan

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