Older People's Theatre

In this section of the website, you can read about and see examples of how older people themselves can create reminiscence theatre. Supported by professional directors, they work together over a number of months to share their experience of a given topic and to process that experience into a shaped performance featuring individual stories, remembered songs and re-enactments of a shared past. 
The results are performed to people of all generations and cultures, stimulating further exchange and discussion. The experience is invariably a positive one, creating a sense of friendship and joint enterprise and increasing the participants' sense of their own value.

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The Good Companions
The first older people's theatre company created by Pam Schweitzer at Age Exchange in 1992 and performing their own reminiscence shows until 2005
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Ethnic minority elders' shows
These shows were developed with ethnic elders' groups in south-east London, featuring their lived experience of youth, migration and growing old in London