Remembering the Past, Building the Future

The European Reminiscence Network (ERN) is the UK representative of this inter-generational project, with partners in Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia and Poland. In the period 2015-17 ERN linked with the University of Greenwich and the Greenwich Pensioners Forum to participate in a programme of activities bridging the gap between generations and launching a creative reminiscence project with students, staff and local older people.

In October 2015, ERN and the University hosted a day of performance, lectures and discussion, followed by a practical workshop day involving young and old from Britain and Germany. 

This was followed in 2016 by inter-generational work involving the Pensioners Forum, Greenwich students and local children at Charlton Manor and Meridian Primary Schools. In December 2016 an international workshop was held to showcase and share the work made in connection with Remembering the Past, Building the Future. It featured speakers from Poland, Germany and Greece and was attended by oral historians, people from the local area who had contributed their memories and interested parties from across Europe.


If you would like to find out more about this project, please visit the following link to the Jugend and Kulturprojekt website:


Page link: Oral History and Reminiscence Theatre Day
Oral History and Reminiscence Theatre Day
Review in Oral History Journal October 2015
Page link: Student Placement Report
Student Placement Report
Charlotte Price-Stevens records her experience of participating in this intergenerational drama project
Page link: Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Photographic record of 2-day event October 2015 at University of Greenwich
Page link: International Workshop
International Workshop
Event held in 2016
Page link: Wartime Memories
Wartime Memories
Older People's Theatre Production in 2016
Page link: Research Report
Research Report
Summary and Conclusions