Remembering the Past, Building the Future

The European Reminiscence Network (ERN) is the UK representative of this inter-generational project, with partners in Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia and Poland. ERN is linking with the University of Greenwich and the Greenwich Pensioners Forum to participate in a programme of activities bridging the gap between generations and launching a creative reminiscence project with students, staff and local older people.

In October 2015, ERN and the University hosted a day of performance, lectures and discussion, followed by a practical workshop day involving young and old from Britain and Germany. 

Page link: Oral History and Reminiscence Theatre Day
Oral History and Reminiscence Theatre Day
Review in Oral History Journal
Page link: Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Photographic record of 2-day event October 2015 at University of Greenwich
Page link: Student Placement Report
Student Placement Report
Charlotte Price-Stevens records her experience of participating in this intergenerational drama project
Page link: Wartime Memories
Wartime Memories
Older People's Theatre Production